Orthodontic style?

Since the very first year of my residency, I realized my passion was called “orthodontics”. Throughout the past 10 years I’ve met all around the globe, some amazing colleagues who turned out to be even more amazing friends. Our love for the first specialty ever in dentistry brought us together on many occasions, making us aware that culture and dedication always cross borders.

It was a persistent dream to gather my “amazing friends” and have them share their knowledge and experience within our global orthodontic community.

I’ve attended more than 50 courses in my career and I’m still fascinated by all we can learn from each other. Now that I’m settled down in Switzerland, with my own practice up and running, I can finally provide my second passion (learning from some amazing colleagues) a place to thrive: Lausanne, the heart of the French Switzerland, where I live. You’ll find a cozy and intimate environment where you’ll be able to fully focus and learn from the best orthodontic speakers (as well as my dear friends ) from Europe and the U.S. I sincerely hope you’ll find the lectures useful and edifying and you’lI help me constantly improve the service I try to provide.

Enough introduction now, let’s now start with style in orthodontics…