Luis Huanca


  • Doctor of Dental Science (DS)
  • Master in Science of Orthodontic (MS)
  • Doctor in Human Morphology (PHD)
  • Private practice in Lausanne and Neuchatel (CH)
  • Research assistant at Department of Orthodontics ( Prof. Kiliaridis ), University of Geneve (CH)

Jan 2017 – Current
Biopole Dental Clinic – Co-owner and Orthodontist,
Lausanne (VD), CH

Oct 2015 – Current
Université de Geneve – Research fellow,
Geneve (GE), CH

Jan 2015 – Current
Cabinet de la Fontaine – Orthodontist,
Peseux (NE), CH

Dec 2009 – Dec 2019
Studio Ass. Dr Barbella – Dr Huanca Chief Orthodontist.
Albino (BG), IT

Aug 2014 – Mar 2017
PureClinic – Orthodontist
Sierre (VS), CH

Mar 2015 – Dec 2016
Edenweiss – Orthdontist and Office Manager
Lausanne (VD), CH

Jan 2013 – Feb 2015
Service Dentaire Scolaire – Orthodontiste
Lausanne (VD), CH

Apr 2008 – Dec 2014
Ponte San Pietro Hospital – Chief Orthodontist.
Ponte San Pietro (BG), IT

Sep 2007 – Jun 2013
St. Prof. Guastamacchia – Orthodontist.
Milano (MI), IT

Sep 2009 – Dec 2012
Zingonia Hospital – Chief Orthodontist.
Zingonia (BG), IT

Dec 2007- Jun 2010
Vimercate Civil Hospital – Chief Orthodontist.
Besana Brianza (MB), IT

PhD in Scienze fisiopatologiche, neuropsicobiologiche e assistenziali del ciclo della vita
University of Milan, Milan, ITALY

Orthodontic Postgraduate Program
Summa cum Laude et Mentione
University of Milan, Milan, ITALY

Function and Disfunction of Masticatory Organ (Prof. Sato) Kanagawa Dental College, Yokosuka, JAPAN

Short Term Orthodontic Program Royal Dental College, Aarhus, DENMARK

Collegio di Milano (non-academic education) University College for Excellent Student, Milan, ITALY

Doctor in Dental Science
Summa cum Laude et Mentione University of Milan, Milan, ITALY